Broadway Show Tickets

There are a lot of places that sell Broadway show tickets. The easiest way is to buy them online at a website that specializes in these tickets. They are not as difficult to get as it may seem, and some shows even have discount tickets available. Since tickets usually cost $100 or more for a show, it can be a big help to get a 25 percent or 50 percent discount on them. There are very helpful websites that list all of the upcoming Broadway shows, plus off-Broadway shows. This makes it much more easy and convenient to find something that you will really like. It is also very helpful to read reviews on the shows that you are considering before buying tickets.

Broadway Show TicketsMany websites that sell Broadway tickets also offer ticket and hotel packages for tourists who are visiting New York to specifically see a show. When you make arrangements online, they first ask you to choose the show that you would like to see. Tickets for one particular popular show are $179 for each ticket in the Orchestra section, which are excellent seats directly in front of the stage. After that, the customer is asked to select a hotel from a list of popular accommodations in New York City. When you add on your selected hotel for a two night stay, the cost for the package is now up to $1006. The hotel chosen for this package is the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square on Eighth Avenue. This luxury hotel stay for two includes a king sized bed, plus the two tickets to the show for this price.

There are also multi-show packages that allow the customer to choose two or three plays that they would like to see. In addition, they choose the hotel accommodation of where they want to stay when they visit New York. There are discounts provided on both the tickets and the hotel. Many of the hotels that are used by companies who sell packages are located right in the heart of the city, and most of them are fairly close to the Broadway district.

There are no refunds or exchanges available for Broadway tickets, and the hotel reservation is non-refundable as well. Because of this, some companies who sell packages also sell insurance so that customers do not lose their money if they need to cancel. With the insurance, a full refund on the tickets and hotel will be provided if the cancellation is within two business days of the hotel check-in date. The insurance fee is $30 per person, and it may be worthwhile if there is a chance that a change of plans may be necessary.

Those who live in New York also have the option of going to the box office to buy tickets. Unless you live or work near the theater, this can cost you time and money by the time that you take a cab to buy the tickets in person. Another option is to call the box office. This way, you will be able to get current prices, and you can purchase tickets over the phone with a credit card. A great way to get discount tickets is to go to the TKTS booth in either Manhattan or Brooklyn on the day of the show after 3 PM. You may be able to get 25 percent or 50 percent off the original price of tickets this way, which makes waiting in line worthwhile if you have time to do this.

Anyone who lives outside of New York can use the convenience of buying tickets online with a credit card. This is definitely the easiest way to acquire tickets for shows without the trouble of standing in line at the last minute.

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